November 4, 2014

Easy hanging laundry bag

Wash.  Dry.  Fold.  Repeat.

Ahhh, laundry.  Don't you just love the never ending pile of dirty clothes that are scattered across your floor?  Me neither.  Thats why laundry baskets were created.  But, with said laundry basket, there has to be a place to put it.  Not all of us are blessed with large spaces.  Or, maybe you are a college student living in a dorm, or living in a studio apartment.  Us small dwellers need to find any way possible to utilize all the space we can.  Wouldn't it be great to get the laundry basket off the floor?  Hang it behind a door, on the bed post, in the closet.  Great, lets take a laundry bag and hang it up.  Oh, wait, what happens when clothes go in the laundry bag?  It closes!  Ugh, not helpful, thank you drawstring!   Solution!  Embroidery hoop.  By placing the hoop around the opening of the laundry bag, it holds it open in an oh so convenient way.  Thanks to Pinterest, we can now throw our laundry away with ease.  So, lets get started.

Gather your materials.  You'll need, a laundry bag (or you can use a pillow case) string or ribbon and an embroidery hoop.  I recommend using a 14" plastic or bamboo hoop.  I used a nylon laundry bag that I found at Walmart.

Place the inner (or smaller hoop) inside the laundry bag.  Pull the drawstring around the inner hoop as shown above.  Then place the outer (or larger) hoop around the outside of the bag and line up with the inner hoop.  Tighten the hoop as tight as you can.  Remember, this is whats going to hold the bag open and you don't want the weight of the bag to pull it all apart. Flip the edges of the bag around the hoop so as to make the opening bigger.  You can use the string of the bag, or tie a string around the screw of the hoop to hang it.  

There you have it.  Easy, peasy, hanging laundry bag.  Like it?  Pin it.  Sharing is caring y'all.  

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Happy cleaning!!!  ~Amanda