September 25, 2014

How to take great iPhone photos Part 2

"Keep calm, and snap on!"  Love it!

Well hello again!  Did you play around with your camera's after your first lesson? Take any good pictures?   I also wanted to mention a couple of tips when taking pictures.  This won't directly relate to iPhones.  In fact, you can utilize these tips when using any type of camera.  When taking a picture of a subject, try different angles.  Maybe turn the camera sideways, or even just slightly angled.  You don't always have to have your subject in the center of the frame.  See the pictures below, same subject, different angles, different effect.  Make sense?  Good.  If you want to learn more, you can find free courses online.  Craftsy is one webite you can got to that offers photography courses, though not all are free, they are decently priced.  Here's an example of one of their photography courses.  They also offer cooking tips, sewing patterns, jewelry making, the list goes on.  It's free to sign up so check it out!

Now, lets talk apps. All kinds of apps, the good ones, the bad ones and the in-betweeners (that relate to photography of course).  I have only a very select few apps on my phone for editing and such.  I'm not a huge fan of editing, I prefer to spend time doing other things (like writing to you guys!).  Or, if I do edit them, I prefer the quick and easy way. (of editing that is, dirty people)

I'm going to talk about my favorite app first, The Pro HDR app. This app did cost money, it is not a free one.  But I promise, you'll love it.  The way this app works, is it analyzes the whole picture before snapping the picture.  It takes 2 pictures and combines them together.  The end result, an amazing photo.  Here's an example of two photos taken with the app.

See how vibrant the colors are?  You can even see the reflection in the water

I use the Pro HDR app a lot when taking pictures outdoors.  It helps to highlight every aspect of the picture.  The key when using this app, it to make sure you have a steady hand.  Otherwise, you'll end up with double images.  If you don't feel too steady, find a place to rest your phone when snapping the picture. They even make little tripods for iPhones as well.  You can use the Pro HDR app to edit pictures in your photo album.  Though, you don't get quite the same affect, it does help to saturate the colors in your photos.  I used the app to edit these pictures after I had already taken the picture.

Aww my baby!  She's such a great model.  Here is an example of when I snapped the picture and used the Pro HDR app after to "edit" it

Because the app takes  a few minutes to analyze and take the picture, Chesney just doesn't have the patience to wait.  So, for the sake of having an image of a two headed dog (or in similar situations) it may be best to snap first and edit later.  

The next app I use is the Picstitch app.  I think this app was free.  You can do some slight editing in this app but mostly it is used to create a collage. You can chose from different formats and lay outs.  See an example below. 

Like this picture.  I may be a little bias but, I'm pretty sure that Bostons are the best!
You can then chose to upload the photo directly to your photo album, Instagram, Flickr or  Facebook. Show off your talent for the world to see!!  There are other apps for photography, tons actually.  But I only use these two.  Like I said, I'm not much for editing.  If you have any others that you like, let me know!

In the meantime, There are so much beauty out there right now to be capturing, so snap away!

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